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How to Order

About These Paintings ...

I paint dogs, cats, and other animals! I specialize in the silly but serious faces are ok too. My paintings are typically zoomed-in close-ups with bright colored backgrounds. If you're looking for multi-pet paintings or something out of the norm check out my Special Projects page.


Art is meticulously hand-painted by me on high-quality, acid-free, 1-1/2 inch thick gallery canvas with professional acrylic paints. Similar to walking your dogs on a sandy beach or through the muddy woods ... this is pure getting your hands and clothes dirty, analog art! I paint the sides too so there's no need to frame (unless you want to). Your painting will come ready to hang or set on a shelf.


How to Order ...

Send me a snapshot (or 2 or 3) and I will turn it into super cool art!

Paintings generally take 2-3 weeks to complete, depending on my workload and waiting list. Waiting list may be longer in November and December. Paintings must be purchased and paid before artwork is started. Contact me in advance for a time frame estimate. If you need your painting by a specific date, please let me know and I will do my best to get it to you in time if possible. I ship paintings all over the US and Canada. If you're in the Des Moines, Iowa area we can arrange pick-up or drop off if you prefer.

To get started, I will need from you:

- Your preference for the background color. Also tell me if you'd like it extra swirly, tie-dye-ish, or anything else in particular.
- Photos: Click here to send me your favorite (or 2 or 3). Sharp, clear close-ups taken at eye-level in good light make the best photos and ensure a great painting. Send the biggest, most hi-res images you have. If you have a limited photos because the dog is no longer with you or it’s a surprise gift for somebody else, I will do my best to work with the photos you have available.
- Description: Furkid's name & breed/mix (or best guess - for dogs in pawticular). Consider what aspect of their personality would you most like to capture? Do you love their big smile or prefer a more serious expression? Is she playful and rambunctious or is napping what she does best?

Prices (1 pet per painting):

5x5" ... $80
6x6" ... $120
8x8" ... $170

8x10" ... $225
10x10" ... $275
12x12" ... $350
11x14" ... $375
16x16" ... $495
20x16" ... $595
18"x18" ... $595

20"x20" ... $695

Shipping to US or Canada is included in all prices.


Payment is due before starting on order. You can purchase your painting at the WOOF Factory Etsy shop. If you prefer to pay via Venmo, Paypal, or some other way please let me know and we can arrange payment.


Paintings make wonderful gifts! I can ship a gift painting to you or directly to the recipient. I can also enclose a gift note and even wrap the painting in appropriate gift wrap. Please let me know any special additions you would like. 

I retain all legal rights to the image produced. You receive the original, but I may use the image to advertise or reproduce prints. I may post share your painting image on social media. Most people love it - if you don't just let me know and we'll keep it private.


Prices are for 1 pet per painting. Contact me for quotes & info for different full body portraits, backgrounds beyond one color, and multi-pet paintings.

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