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About the ARTIST 

I'm Steph Fitzsimmons, the artist behind the WOOF Factory. In 2008 I painted my dogs, then some friends and family dogs. The next thing I knew I'd painted hundreds of dogs - plus lots of cats and some ferrets, hamsters, chickens, etc.! I am the humom of 3 dogs currently - Dukie, Kya, and Kuma. I am also owned by 2 cats, Johnny Gato & Jett. (All rescues - shhh don't tell them they're adopted!)


It is an honor to be entrusted to paint your furry best friends, especially those who have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge. I hope the paintings bring joy, peace and comfort.

My art is dedicated to all the dogs I loved before: Takoda, Catori, Vegas, Lena and Loki. You are forever in my heart and not a day goes by that I don't think of you. 

1972. Not much has changed!

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